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I’m pretty sure by now almost everyone who is interested in the X:Men films know that Channing Tatum will be portraying Remy LeBeau aka Gambit.  I’m also pretty sure that many people have discussed this casting decision by now, but I still want to throw in my 2 pennies.


To be completely honest… I was pretty bummed to hear that Mr. Tatum was casted as Gambit, not because of Tatum himself but because once again Gambit was being played by someone that was not Josh Hartnett.  That’s right. To me, Gambit was the hottest looking (male) X-men, and I always thought Josh Hartnett (especially in his prime) could pull it off.  Josh’s smile could make anyones heart melt, but his natural dark stare would have been perfect considering Gambit possesses a ‘hypnotic charm’ where he is able to make people believe and/or agree with what he tells them.  Also, Hartnett’s roles in Lucky Number Slevin and most recently Penny Dreadful, convinced me that Gambit could have been a character he wouldn’t have a problem playing.

Josh Hartnett

Josh Hartnett

As far as performance wise between Tatum and Hartnett, I don’t feel as if one is exceptional over the other… and let’s be honest… when it comes to the actors in the X-Men live action films, everyone pretty much does a bang up job (especially in X-Men: Days of Future Past.)  So for now I’m not too worried about the acting aspect of Gambit because I don’t know what the casting directors were able to see in Tatum that brought the idea of Gambit to life.


But I must say now that I had time to think about it, Channing being Gambit isn’t such a shocking idea. And plus, I really can’t say much until I’ve watched the movie and seen Channing in action interpreting this hunky mutant.


Hopefully I won’t leave the theatre feeling that they should have really just begged Josh to do the job.  😛


Hasta luego – Dhari

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